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At Les Agences de l’Est P.J. we offer you a wide range of customizable products at competitive prices. Since 1995 we have been the Québec specialists in “small-batch” production of made-to-order urban furniture.

Our team manages all the stages involved in completing your project. One of our primary concerns is to make our experience and expertise accessible to you. We work together with you to form an effective partnership and make your project a success. Let us assist you, whether you want to

—   purchase specific items from our range of existing urban furniture products,

—   customize certain models to suit your specific needs, or

—   design new products based on your ideas and inspiration.

We are committed to providing our full support at every stage in completing your project. When it comes to evaluating your needs, providing you with technical support, assessing your budget, manufacturing urban furniture for you here in Québec, providing on-site installation or supplying attentive and efficient after-sales service, we are with you from start to finish.

The different stages in your project, whether it’s a one-off purchase or an ongoing operation, make up what we call our “partnering process,” which is designed to be a practical, user-friendly tool for developing any type of product. You can select from a wide range of distinctive, customizable products that can be adapted to meet your specific needs.

Quick and effective assistance

Help in finding sustainable solutions

Professionally produced plans and drawings

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Mission et valeurs

Our mission and our values


Our mission


Contributing to public well-being by enhancing public spaces. We do this by

—   developing unique and distinctive products, and

—   employing the talents and expertise of Québec designers and manufacturers.

Our values: Patience, trust, persistence and courage

That’s our team’s motto. We know that any large-scale project demands time, energy and a touch of madness.

These are the values that guide and inspire the team members of Les Agences de l’Est P.J.


We know that our clients care passionately about their projects and that every detail is important. Each project is different and unique. We work together with you in close collaboration—painstakingly, step by step—to create the product you require.


We build a relationship of trust with our clients through close attention to their needs and wishes. And over the years we have built up a solid network of collaborators who can assist us in meeting all of your requirements.


We understand the importance of working collaboratively. Our motivation comes from seeing that the public enjoys the end result of our work. However, when producing custom-made items, there can always be setbacks and surprises. Our experience and persistence enable us to successfully complete each project and help you create a durable and sustainable urban installation.


Putting forward one’s ideas and experience takes self-confidence. Our goal is to propel Québec designers and manufacturers to new heights of excellence in creating distinctive, functional and durable urban furniture.

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