At Les Agences de l’Est P.J. we are the Québec specialists in “small-batch” production of made-to-order urban furniture. One of our primary concerns is to make our experience and expertise accessible to you. We work together with you to form an effective partnership and make your project a success. Let us assist you, whether you want to

— purchase specific items from our range of existing urban furniture products,

— customize certain models to suit your specific needs, or

— design new products based on your ideas and inspiration.

We are committed to providing our full support at every stage in completing your project. When it comes to evaluating your needs, providing you with technical support, assessing your budget, manufacturing urban furniture for you here in Québec, providing on-site installation or supplying attentive and efficient after-sales service, we are with you from start to finish.

Description :

PJ-4302 Bicycle racks in painted galvanized steel.

Autres éléments du même projet :

PJ-1202 Lean-bench, on three legs, in stainless steel.

PJ-1203 Lean-bench suspended, in stainless steel.

PJ-1204 Lean-bench, on two legs, in painted aluminum

PJ-1205 Lean-bench, on three legs with armrests, in painted aluminum.

PJ-1302-SD Bench without a backrest, with armrest, in painted galvanized steel and Douglas fir.

PJ-1303 Lean-bench in painted galvanized steel and Douglas fir.

PJ-2203 Garbage cans with painted aluminum


Other choices of materials are available, contact us:

Autres éléments :